Bathroom Remodels

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Fun Fact Friday:

Bathroom remodels can come in many different forms - new bathroom in the basement, updating the current cabinet(s), mirrors, lighting, flooring, etc. Do you want to put in a new custom tile shower? Do you want a new jacuzzi bathtub? Tile surround?

Once you've decided the layout, and what you want updated, you have to think about all of the colors, textures and decor along with it.

No matter what you decide or how you want it to look - we always tell our customers to make sure you do one bathroom at a time. We've done more than 10 bathroom remodels over the years, many of them within the same home, but we always recommend that you do one bathroom at a time as timelines can be slowed down based on manufacturers. We promise..  living without a shower, toilet or sink for a day, week, etc, is as enjoyable as you would assume.

If you'd like more information or tips on best practices, please come back for future blog posts.

If you'd like to remodel your bathroom or add a new bathroom to your current home - please call/text Nick at 515.494.4042 or feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]!

Thanks and Have a Great Weekend!

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